New sign painting up for The Rage Cage (Brooklyn, NY)

New sign painting up for the front entrance of The Rage Cage. Located at 235 Grand Ave in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, NY. “a destruction services provider - also known as a "Rage Room" or an "Anger Room." People come to The Rage Cage to have fun, de-stress, and break things! Whether it be for a stressful week at work, a celebration, or even a first date, you’re always going to have an amazing experience…”

The 235 address hand painted on the window above the door.
Special thanks to the
Rage Cage and 1-Shot paints!!

New work up at the NY Historical Society - Hudson Rising

In connection with the company New Project, I painted aspects of the ‘Hudson Rising’ exhibition now on display at the NY Historical Society in Manhattan. The exhibition runs March 1 - August 4, 2019.

A lot of the displays ended up being covered in vinyl but they were painted initially.
The rocks and boulders were carved/painted at the New Project studio in Brooklyn.

Hudson Rising explores 200 years of ecological change and environmental activism along “the most interesting river in America” through artifacts, media, and celebrated Hudson River School paintings. The exhibition reflects on how human activity has impacted the river and, in turn, how the river environment has shaped industrial development, commerce, tourism, and environmental awareness. The exhibition also explores how experts in various fields are currently creating ways to restore and re-engineer areas of the river in response to climate change.”